Why it’s difficult to translate Accounting terms into Filipino

Asset Ari
Fixed Asset Aring Nakatirik 
Liquid Asset Aring Tumutulo 
Written-off Asset Aring Pinutol 
Cut-off time Oras ng Pagputol 
Depreciation Pagkalaspag ng Ari 
Fully Depreciated Asset Aring Laspag na Laspag na 
Earning Asset Aring Ganado Pa 
Non-Earning Asset Aring Baldado na 
Owned Asset Sariling Ari 
Other Asset Ari ng Iba 
Miscellaneous Asset Mga Aring Pinagsamasama 
Erroneous Entry Mali ang Pagkapasok 
Double Entry Dalawa ang Pinasukan 
Multiple Entry Labas-pasok 
Correcting Entry Itinama ang Pagpasok 
Reversing Entry Baligtad ang Pasok 
Tangible Asset Aring Nasasalat 
Dispensed Nilabasan 
Undispensed Hindi Nilabasan 

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