Renaissance Man

July 7, 2020 by admin2 • 0 Comments

Leonardo Da Vinci, the original “Renaissance Man”, stand out in history for his achievements in both science and art.

He made scientific advances, especially in anatomy and mechanical invention and he painted two of the most famous pictures of all time – the Monalisa and the Last Supper.

How did he do it?

A Famous quote by Leonardo himself reveals his secret:

“As you cannot do what you want; want what you can do.”

Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist of what works. He tells that his creative method starts by giving up “what you want”. Instead, “want what you can do” and do more of it.

To live a life of our dreams we do not need to be somebody else. We are who and what we are. We do not need to be smarter than we are or have a different personality. All we need to do to achieve our greatest goals is use what we’ve got exceptionally well.

Success is not a contest, nor is it a mountain we must struggle to climb. Success is our birthright. It is our natural state of being like a seed that is destined to grow into a mighty tree.

Grow the seeds of your greatest potential. Leverage your signature strengths and become the person you were meant to be in all the ways you live. Life is in the seed. Nurture your nature and the results you seek will come to you.

We are all designed to be great. We are all made to be perfect. How can a perfect Creator create an imperfect creation? Make no excuses. Within us lives a world of potentialities. Everything has been given. Talents, ideas, and skills we may not recognize comprise us already. You and I have hardwired gifts since birth. Have you even opened them?

Deep within us lies a multitude of possibilities, our potential. All around us lives a multitude of possibilities, our opportunity. Of all the things we can be and do, how many are we pursuing? We deserve to be living fully and abundantly.

Sure we will have to work at it. We may even have to develop new habits. But personal growth (the natural process that creates a successful life) is not drudgery. It is fun! It is difficult to imagine living any other way.

All it takes is know yourself, grow yourself, and share yourself. Inside out. Not the other way around…

Jun Cantal and Jun Cantal Network