tips how to wakeup to a productive day

Tips on How to Wake-Up to a Productive Day

Many of us as soon as we open our eyes, we grab our phones and start checking emails or just scrolling through the social feeds. We say, just five minutes.. but what happens next.. you’ll be scrolling and scrolling until you run out of time and got to be late to office or any appointments. Then you started to rush..

Don’t ever check your email

Checking your email, facebook, twitter, etc even before you stand up

will frame your headspace for the rest of day. By not entertaining them

you gain control of prioritizing your goals and not just reacting to errands


Stretching help warm up the body

and improves circulation by increasing

blood flow to your muscles which

heightens your energy level and concentration

Hydrate! HYDRATE! HyDRaTE!

The body becomes dehydrated overnight.

Drinking atleast 2 glasses in the morning

will help your body re-hydrate effectively

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Morning meals will provide you with more energy,

reduces hunger pains and helps you make even

better food choices throughout the day

Treat Yourself

Allow yourself of 20 minutes me time. Read a chapter,

listen to the podcast, check your go to good vibes blog (like this, ahem!);

Get your headspace ready and discipline for the day ahead.

Take your time. Attach the day with focus, not panic