Breathe Well – Simple yet powerful breathing app

July 7, 2020 by Ag Molde • 0 Comments

Breathing is essential to life.. no one could live in a minute without breathing. While there are numerous benefits of breathing, this particular article doesn’t list that here. While there are also techniques in breathing, it won’t be listed here as well.

This article is to share my favorite android app to aid proper breathing. The app is called Breathe Well.

You don’t need to read several books and research articles about breathing, just simple install the app and it will instantly guide you through the breathing exercises.. (and techniques as well overtime as you listen to your breath and discover what’s best for you)


This is a free app. Hope it will always and be forever free. Thanks to the developer of this app. Just go to Android / Ios market place and install it.

For now..



Oh by the way.. exhale negativity, inhale positivity..